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  • The Kalled Gallery

    The Kalled Gallery

    33 North Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603.569.3994 The Kalled Gallery is probably the most unique shop in Wolfeboro.  It’s best known for Jennifer Kalled’s incredibly creative and colorful jewelry.  Her pieces are known for their bold style with colorful gemstones and intricate details.  The Kalled Gallery also carries lots of other art including ceramics, […]

  • Made on Earth

    Made on Earth

    33 North Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603.569.9100 When you shop at Made on Earth you know your purchases benefit others as well – this boutique makes a point to only carry fair-trade items that support communities from around the world as well as those closer to home.  Made on Earth carries a lot of […]

  • Champagne Taste

    Champagne Taste

    25N Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603.707.7111 Champagne Taste has something for everyone and carries a wide variety of classy gifts, accessories, and clothing.  No matter who you’re shopping for, they will have something to fit your needs.  And if you need a hostess gift at the last minute, Champagne Taste has you covered too […]

  • The Art Place

    The Art Place

    9 North Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603.569.6159 If you’re looking for something beautiful to hang on your walls, make sure to stop by The Art Place.  They have a wide selection of fine prints, photographs, maps, and paintings, much of which is inspired by lakeside living.  The Art Place is also does a lot […]

  • Artisans Corner

    Artisans Corner

    15 North Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603.393.0532 Artisans Corner carries a wide variety of fine arts, crafts, and handmade items.  No matter what medium you’re drawn to (pottery, photography, paintings, fiber arts, etc), you’re sure to leave with something beautiful!  Artisans Corner also carries lots of New Hampshire-made items which helps support local artisans. […]

  • The Bridge Diner

    The Bridge Diner

    5 North Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603.515.1015 (Formerly known as The Wolfeborough Diner) This little breakfast and lunch diner is tucked away on Main St. right near the bridge.  Inside you can expect quick service and typical diner foods – things like eggs, fried potatoes, and coffee for breakfast and lobster rolls and meatloaf […]

  • Mountain Tops Resort Shops

    Mountain Tops Resort Shops

    2 South Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603.569.5675 If you’re looking for souvenir t-shirts, hats, or sweatshirts of your time in Wolfeboro – Mountain Tops is the go-to place!  This gift shop is only open seasonally (late spring, summer, early fall), so if you’re here at the right time make sure to stock up for […]

  • Back Bay Clothing

    Back Bay Clothing

    27 South Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603.569.0400 Back Bay Clothing is known for carrying all the men’s and women’s classic staple items as well as high-end brands.  Whether you’re looking for rugged work gear, a cocktail dress, or accessories – Back Bay Clothing has it all. Back Bay Clothing’s Facebook.

  • The Suite Inn

    The Suite Inn

    7 Railroad Ave. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603.569.9959 The Suite Inn is a hidden gem of a hotel hidden right in downtown Wolfeboro.  But don’t blink, it’s easy to miss!  The entrance is a single door located on Railroad Ave between Bailey’s Bubble and Hampshire Pewter and the Inn itself is on the upper floors of […]