Molly the Trolley

Various stops in Wolfeboro

Molly the Trolley is a great way to see and learn about the town of Wolfeboro without having to fight the traffic yourself.  We suggest taking the tour on your first day in Wolfeboro and buying your tickets (which are good for the whole day) earlier in the day – that way you can take the 45 minute tour and get a great overview of what Wolfeboro has to offer.  After that, you’re free to use the trolley at your leisure for the day and can ride it to get to some of the local parks and museums without having to use your own car.  Tickets can be purchased from the Trolley driver at the Wolfeboro Train Station and the Wolfeboro Docks (please see Molly the Trolley’s website for details).  The Trolley is a great activity for even rainy days.

Molly the Trolley’s webpage